Brief Introduction

Yuma is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and import & export trade of new functional sun-shading materials. Now it has more than 80 authorized patents and is in a leading position in the industry.

The company's main products are divided into three categories: shading fabrics, dimmable fabrics and sunscreen fabrics, with nearly 1000 varieties. The new functional sun-shading materials produced are new green materials with multiple functions such as sun-shading, dimming, energy saving and environmental protection. They can also have special functions such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antifouling, formaldehyde removal, anti-static, waterproof and oil repellent. They are in line with the direction of national scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, and belong to the strategic emerging industry of national key development.

Good brand image and rich customer resources. The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions on six continents around the world.


Chengzhi Sun

Chairman and general manager of Yuma

Provide first-class products and services for the sunshading industry!

Personal history:

1965 Born in Shouguang City, Shandong Province;

1986-1991 Worked in the second textile factory of Shouguang County, successively served as technician, section chief and deputy factory director;

1990s the first vertical curtain processing plant in Jiangbei was established;

1998 Shandong Yuma window decoration products Co., Ltd. was established;

1998 Led the drafting of the production standard of window decoration materials, which was recognized by the Provincial Bureau of technical supervision and promoted in the same industry of textile window decoration;

2003 It was awarded the honorary titles of "top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs" and "Shouguang outstanding youth" by Shouguang Municipal People's government;

2005 Was rated as "Weifang excellent private entrepreneur";

2009 He was rated as the leader of Shandong Province in the 60th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China;

2013 He was rated as the meritorious person of China's architectural sunshade industry of the year;

2014 Shandong Yuma sunshade Technology Co., Ltd. was established;

2019 The company carried out shareholding reform and established Shandong Yuma sunshade Technology Co., Ltd;

2019 It was awarded the lifetime achievement award of China's architectural sunshade industry;

He was successively elected as the representative of the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th Weifang people's Congress;

2021 Led Shandong Yuma sunshade Technology Co., Ltd. to enter the capital market and successfully listed.

Brand History

Mr. Chengzhi Sun, founder of the company

drove Suzuki motorcycle even all over the Shandong market

The company was successfully listed on the entrepreneurship edition of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Stock Code: 300993

A 10 billion level multinational group company in sunshade industry with international influence


Corporate Mission

Provide first-class products and services for the sun-shading industry

Promote the high-quality development of China's sun-shading industry

Corporate Vision

Establish a leading position in the global sun-shading industry, Build a century-old Yuma enterprise,

Build a century-old Yuma enterprise!

1.Become a multi-billion-level multinational group company in the sun-shading industry with international influence

2.Build a modern and new material industrial park with a scale of over 10 billion, create a national-level R&D innovation experimental center, and expand overseas R&D, production and sales bases, so that Yuma's sun-shading products will benefit all continents around the world.

Core Value

Fraternity and Integrity

Focus on lean Innovation beyond Team win-win


Lean Manufacturing

Customer Value & Employee Value & Shareholder Value


We have won many honors such as "China sunshading and window decoration new material innovation demonstration base", "top 110 enterprises in China's home decoration and decoration material industry", "Asian door and window sunshade exhibition innovative design fashion award", "influential brand in China's architectural sunshade industry",and "China famous trademark", and has a good social image.

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