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The company's main products are divided into three categories: shading fabrics, dimmable fabrics and sunscreen fabrics, with nearly 1000 varieties. The new functional sun-shading materials produced are new green materials with multiple functions such as sun-shading, dimming, energy saving and environmental protection. They can also have special functions such as flame retardant, antibacterial, antifouling, formaldehyde removal, anti-static, waterproof and oil repellent. They are in line with the direction of national scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, and belong to the strategic emerging industry of national key development.

Membrane material field: Sunshading Membrane / Tent / Architecture Membrane, etc

YUMA VANTEX membrane products adopt synthetic fiber fabrics with PVC coating scraped by a double-sided knife, which can be used for various surface treatments such as titanium dioxide, PVDF and acrylic. The surface treatment can absorb and reflect ultraviolet rays in a large amount, so that it has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, tear resistance and peeling resistance, and has the characteristics of waterproof, fire prevention, UV protection, anti pollution and self-cleaning. It is widely used in buildings, tents, sunshades and other application scenarios.


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Mrbanma advocates a healthy, positive and sunny lifestyle, and is determined to provide high-quality dimming blinds and outdoor sunshading products with novel design and unique functions for new Chinese youth, so as to enjoy the sunshine in the dimming process. Mrbanma is committed to the deep cultivation and development of China's sunshading industry. Relying on the Internet, through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technical means, he integrates products, processors and channels, upgrades and transforms the production, circulation and sales processes, creates a new retail mode of deep integration of online services and offline experiences, and leads the development of the sunshading industry.

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